6 Problems With Automatic Gates And How To Fix Them

Automatic gates are remarkably convenient because they allow quick access and mean that you don’t have to get out of your car to access the driveway. Instead, you can open your residential rolling gate Philadelphia with a mere swipe of a card or touch of a button.

However, like most technology, rolling gates are not immune to issues. There are many ways in which these automatic gates can cause significant headaches for homeowners. These problems should be dealt with immediately; otherwise, the gate could become damaged beyond repair, and you will have to replace it.

Here are the six most common problems with automatic gates and how you can fix them without much fuss. Read on to find out more.

Large Amounts Of Noise

Sometimes, a Guard Door Service Philadelphia can generate a massive noise for reasons that don’t always seem immediately apparent. A grinding sound could mean the mechanism which moves the gates together and apart may have become worn out. Solve this issue in two ways: either have the mechanism taken apart, reassemble, or have a new part fitted.

Vermin And Insects

Automatic gates work by utilizing sensors that cause motion. However, the residential rolling gate Philadelphia will fail to open in case the sensors are blocked. Vermin and insects can climb into the dark spaces offered by a gate and cause an obstruction. Make sure to keep the inside of the automatic gate clear of dirt and small animals so that the sensor will work smoothly at all times. Mold and moss can cause a similar obstruction, so they must be cleared away as soon as possible.

Power Outage

Automatic gates need to have a continuous supply of energy to work efficiently. Cutouts and power failures will prevent the rolling gates from working. If an electrical failure occurs, make sure to look out for blown fuses. You can also restore the power by putting the blown fuse switch back in position.

Faulty Remote Control

The remote control needs to be in good working order to ensure that it will open the electric gate without any problems. However, the batteries can start to fade, so check if the red light fails to ‘blink.’ Replace the batteries and try again if this is the case. Replace the remote if the problem persists.

Obstructions In The Gate Tracks

It would help if you kept the Guard Door Service Philadelphia tracks clear to enable the gate to open and close smoothly. Debris in the gate track can cause the gate to be stuck and fail to open or close properly. Sweep up any trash regularly.

Manual Mode

Sometimes a gate can become stuck in manual mode. That could be a problem with the gate’s opening mechanism or the batteries in the remote.

Regularly servicing your automatic gate is required to ensure maximum security for you and your family.
If the gates are for everyday residential use, annual maintenance will suffice. For commercial properties, on the other hand, regular servicing every six months is required to ensure the gates are always safe and convenient to use.

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