5 reasons why a Project Management certification is a top career choice

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Professionals today everywhere are looking for work that offers both financial freedom, and stability to have a personal life as well. On top of that, if you’re good at what you do, then growth is another thing that you should look forward to in whatever industry you may be in.

From lucrative salaries to being valuable team leaders, Project Management training is designed to ensure that you have an extra feather in your cap. With such pmi certification, you can further your career at breakneck speed, and exceed even your own expectations.

That being said, let’s look at the top 5 reasons why a Project Management certification is a great career choice –

1. Higher salary packages

With salary packages well into six figures, Project Management certifications in the US are a great way to skill-up and live a comfortable life. While the average salary in the US for a certified professional is US$ 100k, the location and industry also play a big role in the final package. However, whether you work as an information systems project manager, or an online project manager really doesn’t matter as the net benefits will set you up for life. In a way, Project Management trainings are a great way to future-proof yourself against downsizings and salary cuts, as small and medium-sized businesses are always on the lookout for excellent Project Managers.

2. Make a great impact on everything

Although people are always on the lookout for lucrative salaries and benefits, the fact is, if the work has no impact, it gets to be boring and frustrating. A position that’s both meaningful and pays well is hard to come by. However, Project Management training are a sure way to reduce the risk of that happening. With these training modules, you can learn how to better become a team player, and figure out ways to make your contributions to actually mean something. As a project manager, your skills will allow you to stay within budget, and that will improve your value in the organization. Additionally, the skills imparted will also allow you to make a positive impact on people around you, thus furthering your chances for a promotion.

3. Flexibility to switch industries

If you were looking for an exciting career but inhibited by your degree, a certification in project management can be a way out. There is always a way by which you can continuously learn. Few of the top industries in the world can include knowledge across services, construction, finance, insurance, and manufacturing. Even healthcare needs skilled project managers to execute complex projects. A certification in project management will give you the flexibility you need, and allow you to switch between industries that excite you the most.

4. Developing existing skill sets

The workplace of today is always on flux. The skills that were relevant today, might not be as important tomorrow. True skill lies in the ability to learn and develop new skill sets all the time. This helps you in developing confidence and becoming an all-round professional. As a project manager, you will be able to adapt quickly to changes and be aware of what is to come. This is possible mainly due to the skills imparted across all Project Management training. Not just that, you will also become more proactive in all your dealings. As, you will be asked to implement different strategies across the board. From developing success matrics to managing conflicts within the team, you will become an expert in engagement and stakeholder management. Soon, All will see you as an asset who can quickly learn and apply new skills to any situation that presents itself.

5. Fostering the development of new team members

In order to grow and thrive in today’s work environment, one has to learn how to get along with other opinions and ideas. According to baselinemag.com, the skills imparted to you as a project manager will help you train others to grow as professionals. The strong leadership skills that you acquire through Project Management certifications will help members of your team attain success which can have a direct impact on the credibility and growth of the organization. This will give you a rewarding feeling that cannot be purchased on the market. This huge personal growth that you will experience will do wonders for your career in ways that you can’t even yet imagine. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking to skill-up, and become part of a future-proof workforce, then a certification in Project Management is the perfect thing for you. 

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