5 medical writing assignment topics

Have you received a medical writing assignment and you don’t know where to start? Is the assignment a huge percentage of your final grade? Are you stressed about the paper and your results? There are methods you can follow to pick a good topic that will flow well and bring in better grades. There are many medicine writing topics and picking one is not always a straightforward process.  Your supervisor or professor may suggest certain topics based on the availability and capability of the learning facility but the ultimate decision remains yours.

Medicine And Its Branches

Like all other areas of study, medicine has several branches. When studying medicine, you can choose to specialize in any of the branches. The human body is a complex unit made of a network of organs functioning differently. Most of these organs amount to a separate branch in medicine. Some of these branches include;

  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery

These are a few of the branches that one can specialize in. in any of these fields, you will be given a paper to write.

 What Is A Topic?

This is the main or general idea of writing or a discussion. Topics maintain focus when writing or discussing by maintaining the center of attention. Your paper should develop the topic. All the ideas you present should back up your topic. In medicine, some of the writings you come across include term papers, dissertations, essays, lab reports, lab summaries, and lab worksheets.

How To Come Up With A Good Topic

You could draw your inspiration for a topic from;

  • The issues that drew you to study medicine as a profession.
  • A disease or condition that interests you either from personal experience, family or friends.
  • General topics you are interested in from your field
  • An outbreak within your locality or recent news about a medical issue which peaked your interest.
  • Medical ethics and controversial issues

Examples Of 5 Medical Topics For Research

Some medical research topics examples include;(medical writing)

Obesity as a social and medical problem:

obesity is becoming a growing issue in the world today. People eat whatever comes whether healthy or unhealthy. Talk about the medical conditions that have been proven to stem from obesity and the scientific causes of obesity. Discuss how the social lifestyle helps obesity to thrive. Factors like the food market, the quality of food, availability of processed and fast food.

Organ transplant and bioprinting:

as technology continues to improve, the medical field is adjusting. Your paper should cover the technological aspect of 3d-printing and how it fuses with organ generation. How will this help stop the illegal organ trade? How effective this would be and the benefits of it. You can also examine the negative aspect of it. Do not forget to mention the success it has already had.

Cancer treatment and stem cell technology:

a stem cell procedure regenerates cells that have been destroyed during chemotherapy and radiotherapy while treating certain types of cancer. Your paper should include the types of stem cell transplant, how it works, its effectiveness, and its success so far.

The impact of exercise on mental health:

people are normally advised to frequently work out, not just to lose weight but to also get rid of pent-up pressure, tension or stress. As you work out, your brain releases enzymes that cool off your nerves. Some mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can be significantly reduced by frequent workouts.

The effect of drugs on the nervous system:

we have always been told to stay away from drugs. How dangerous can they be? This paper could examine the difference between hard drugs and other forms of intoxication. The ethical aspect of over-the-counter drugs that have hazardous effects when taken. Examine the deterioration of the human body when subjected to drugs.


Medicine is one of the most comprehensive fields of study. You may face many challenges from time to time but giving up is not the option. Everything around us is linked to medicine in one way or another. Find your inspiration and work on it. (medical writing)

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