10 Must-Knows about Andhra Pradesh that you should Always know

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh, the territory of India, is situated in the southeastern piece of the subcontinent. It is limited by the Indian territories of Tamil Nadu toward the south, Karnataka toward the southwest and west, Telangana toward the northwest and north, and Odisha toward the upper east. The eastern limit is a 600-mile (970-km) coastline along the Bay of Bengal. Telangana was a district inside Andhra Pradesh for just about sixty years, however in 2014, it was cut off to frame a different state. The capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is Hyderabad, in west-focal Telangana.

The state draws its name from the Andhra public, who have occupied the region since vestige and fostered their own language, Telugu. Andhra Pradesh appeared in its current structure in 1956 because of the interest of the Andhras for a different state. In spite of the fact that it is principally agrarian, the state makes them mine movement, and a lot of industry

10 Must-Knows about Andhra Pradesh that you should Always know

Always address people with respect by calling them ‘sir’ or adding ‘ji’ after their names.

Try to wear simple clothes when you’re in Andhra Pradesh, as people live a very simple and easy life there.

Get ready to eat a lot of spicy food when you’re trying Andhra Pradesh’s diet. 

Always remember that the people of Andhra Pradesh believe a lot in God. Therefore, avoid any argument on the topic of religion.

Do keep in mind that some people have names in which surnames are written before their actual names. Also, people in Andhra have long names too.

Make sure you don’t say anything bad about Tollywood (film industry) when you’re in Andhra Pradesh. As it matters a lot to them.

Never make an argument on the Hindi language or the political system when you’re an outsider in Andhra Pradesh.

Language won’t be a big problem if you’re from North India, as a lot of people can speak and understand Urdu in Andhra Pradesh.

Do not act surprised when you see people giving and taking dowry at weddings. It is very prevalent there and the bride’s family insists on giving dowry.

Never ever get shocked if you see a girl married to her maternal uncle in Andhra Pradesh. This might sound strange for outsiders but it is a normal practice in Andhra Pradesh.

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