10 etiquettes of Hong Kong you Must Know

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a lively city and a significant door to Mainland China. This article will give you current realities about Hong Kong


On 1 July 1997, Hong Kong turned into a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and the Basic Law happened. The Basic Law is the sacred report of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It reveres inside an authoritative report the significant ideas of “one country, two frameworks”, “Hong Kong individuals regulating Hong Kong” and a serious level of independence. As indicated by the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s political framework and lifestyle stay unaltered for a very long time. The rights and opportunities of individuals in Hong Kong depend on fair law and order and an autonomous legal executive.


Hong Kong’s economy is portrayed by deregulation, low tax collection, and least government mediation. It is the world’s eighth-biggest exchanging economy, with the central area of China as its most huge exchanging accomplice. Hong Kong is additionally a significant help economy, with especially solid connections to central area China and the remainder of the Asia-Pacific locale.


Hong Kong’s climate is sub-tropical, with temperatures dipping under 10 degrees Celsius in winter and surpassing 31 degrees Celsius in summer. It is warm, bright, and dry in harvest time, cool and dry in winter, warm and sticky in spring, and blistering and blustery in summer.


Chinese and English are the authority languages of Hong Kong. English is broadly utilized in the Government and by the legitimate, proficient, and business areas. Trilingual experts who communicate in English, Cantonese, and Putonghua assume a crucial part in the various endeavors exchanging Hong Kong or working with central area China and Taiwan

10 etiquettes of Hong Kong you Must Know

  1. Leave some portion of your food on your plate to appreciate the cooking skills of your host.
  2. If you want to ask the waiter to bring more tea, put the lid of the teapot upside down.
  3. Always get a gift if you’re going to someone’s place, as not doing so is considered as bad manners.
  4. Wrap your gifts in beautiful colors but avoid using Blue, black or white for this purpose.
  5. Leave the last piece of food in the revolving tray in order to not make it empty.
  6. Do not ever use chopsticks for pointing someone or something, as doing so is considered as bad manners in Hong Kong.
  7. Avoid making any physical contact while speaking to anyone as it is not acceptable in Hong Kong.
  8. Do not decline any offer of lunch or dinner. Even if you’re not available, suggest some alternative date for the same.
  9. Never choose white or red flowers for gifting someone, as these colors are not appreciated in Hong Kong.
  10. Don’t mention bad accidents like death, poverty, etc in front of people in Hong Kong. They may feel offended by this.

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