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10 Best SMS Service Provider for Restaurants in Australia 

SMS service for Restaurants

More than any other sector, restaurants and takeout require marketing. Do you know that more than 80% of people use their smartphones to find restaurants? Therefore, bulk SMS is the ideal method for contacting clients. Restaurant companies may be quite successful at times. There are long waits, seat reservations made in advance, and the restaurant is full. Sometimes commerce is sluggish and slow. 

You need to have a good marketing strategy in place if you want to prevent this type of circumstance. If you want to grow your business and attract more consumers. Bulk SMS service for restaurants and takeaways is the best option. It is quickly becoming the most effective marketing strategy for grabbing people’s attention and luring in new customers. The food business benefits from SMS marketing since. It enables you to have a devoted group of clients at a time when you most need them.

Below are the top 10 best SMS service provider for restaurants in Australia:


You must persuade your customers that choosing you is the greatest decision. They can make if you want to increase foot traffic to your restaurants or takeout orders. The ideal option for consumer involvement is text messaging or a bulk SMS service. With a 98% open rate, it receives the highest reading rating. It is a simple, efficient, and affordable way to connect with potential customers and keep the ones we already have. The finest option for restaurants and takeaways to reach the masses with guaranteed delivery and maximum visibility is bulk SMS service. Guni is a reputable and well-known supplier of SMS service in Australia. The calibre of the services we provide is of the highest importance to us.

We guarantee total price transparency and offer real-time delivery data. Choose Guni  as your bulk SMS service to establish an immediate connection with your customers.


Twilio provides a wide variety of capabilities to meet corporate demands and offers the instruments for efficient communication and marketing promotion dissemination. Their platform already includes channels for contacting customers on the channels of their choice, including Email, SMS, Voice, Meta (Facebook) Messenger, and WhatsApp. By connecting the company CRM with Twilio, you have the chance to monitor how users engage across all of their platforms. Helping you to better understand the requirements and preferences of your clients.


On the basis of pricing, ClickSend was one of the most competitive suppliers for both small-volume and large-volume SMS messaging amounts. Prepaid credit card payments are the standard way of payment, however post-paid options and bank transfers are also available upon request (and at no additional cost). The online SMS platform also offers a free trial period and a 14-day refund policy. 

Monthly Fees And Setup For ClickSend 

Many SMS service providers demand a one-time setup charge or monthly retainer from an Australian company before they would start providing messaging services. There are no startup costs or contracts necessary to establish an account with ClickSend to send bulk sms for restaurants.


Burst SMS was chosen in Australia from a large selection of SMS Gateway services due to its capacity to manage several high-speed connections to its clients. With more than twenty years of expertise in the SMS industry. It has efficiently delivered over one billion text messages, with a real-time delivery time of just 3 minutes to the end user. This SMS provider, situated in Australia, offers both online access to its SMS Campaign Manager system in restaurants and access to its SMS API.

SMS Broadcast

Small to medium-sized Australian businesses may send text messages at a reasonable price with SMS Broadcast. There is no credit expiration and their per-message cost ranges from 7.0c to 3.7c depending on the amount of each purchase. But you must pay $179 for a dedicated number that is valid for one year. Only their SMS API can provide basic bulk SMS capabilities from email to SMS for restaurants.

Wholesale SMS

You may send hundreds of SMS messages at once with outstanding speed and reliability because of Wholesale SMS’s gateway’s high-speed connection to its network providers. We send messages in an average of 11.9 seconds. It’s simple to see the potential of SMS as a communications and marketing tool. When you take into account that the read-rate of SMS messages is reported to be more than 99% and that the majority of messages are read within three minutes of delivery for restaurants.

SMS central

You can effortlessly manage your SMS campaigns by sending bulk SMS messages using SMS Central’s quick, easy, and step-by-step method for restaurants. You will be able to connect directly with your target audience. Whether it consists of 10 or 10,000 contacts, using our online SMS gateway, email manager, or API.


With a 90% delivery rate, Clickatell’s direct and economical channels guarantee that SMS campaigns in Australia are delivered quickly. Whether you want to launch a mass SMS campaign, enhance your customer service, or create leads. We make it simple to communicate with your consumers. 

Using your application or website to send and receive bulk SMS messages reliably to any country. Even in the restaurant in the globe is simple with Clickatell’s global SMS gateway. Our SMS Gateway has more than 15 years of expertise sending SMS throughout the world and offers one-way (1-way) and two-way (2-way) communications with 24/7 assistance.


With user-friendly mobile email, instant messaging, SMS, and even Web browsing capabilities. Telstra’s hiptop 2 is poised to become the BlackBerry for teenagers and young adults. It may even dethrone the iPod as the most popular gift under the tree this year thanks to a deal that offers almost unlimited data for $1 per day.

It has stupendous SMS services for restaurants. You can also try this one. 


After developing a straightforward prototype and an SMS gateway, MessageMedia swiftly surpassed its competitors in Australia and went global. We are trusted by more than 65,000 clients worldwide and have been integrated into more than 85 top software systems as a result of our passion for technology and problem-solving. They also provide their services for restaurants in Australia.

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